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About Us

Agrom was established in 1998, in order to find a solution to the problem of Pollination in dates.

The farmers who knew Avi's (AGROM’s Founder & Owner) abilities have approached him with a real need to find solutions to promote & improve the date crops. While listening to the farmers and acquaintance with the growth methods, since 1998, Avi labored to find a unique and dedicated solution. After three years of development and experimentation, the first Palm Date Pollination machine was created and immediately  we began to manufacture the machines. The palm date farmers were able to identify the great potential and purchased Pollination Machines through out the country.


Over the years, The palm date pollination machine has substantially improved in accordance with the evolving needs of the palm date branch. In addition, others machines were developed; machine that extract the pollination powder from the male flower, a rotary powder mixer, male flower opening table and a palm date picking machines.

"AGROM" develop and manufacture custom unique machinery for the palm dates crops that designed especially for the palm date tree and for high altitude work, save work force costs and work time, improve the quality of the fruit by accurate pollination, and increase the profitability of orchard owners. 

We are using first-class assemblies and raw materials, strict and precise production processes, and ensuring quality and reliability for many years. We invest considerable resources in the planning and development of ideas and improvements, and are attentive to providing engineering solutions to new challenges in the field of machinery. 

Agrom has hundreds of machines in Israel and world wide: USA (California &Arizona), Saudi Arabia, Egypt & South Africa.


We are welcoming you to join the Worldwide success!

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