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Mechanized fiber array

The mechanized string array is a set of machines that include:

Reception cart, initial sorting and packaging for dates

עגלת גדיד בשטח 2 (3).JPG

Minimal depreciation

High work efficiency.

Reduced use of height tools

collection stage

מערך גדיד.jpg

Initial sorting in the plantation

Great savings in personnel, money and resources.

collection stage

adapted for efficient work. Easily harnesses to the meniscus / rekilift.

פריקת פרי 3.jpg

"Floating floor" above conveyors - on which the workers stand while the fruit descends to the stage conveyor. 


After the fruit is weighed using the collection platform, the platform approaches the receiving and packaging cart and the fruit is unloaded to it.

במה למטה.jpg

Reception cart, initial sorting and packaging for dates


Initial sorting, packing and flattening in one cart - in the plantation!

Conveyor equipment 45 m per side for an ideal fit in front of the collection platforms


Two sorting stations and filling boxes. Efficient and fast work.

The fruit falls from the conveyor into fiber boxes after initial sorting.

Sorting position with fruit


Integral rear fork.

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