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We at "Agrom" engage in the development, planning and production of machinery for agriculture and industry with expertise in dedicated and unique mechanization for the date industry. The mechanization was developed as a solution to the farmers' needs and adapted to the date tree and working at height. The mechanization saves personnel costs and working time, improves the quality of the fruit through precise fertilization and maximum utilization and contributes to increasing the profitability of the plantation owners.

The development and planning of the machines is done in collaboration with leading mechanical engineers and farmers in Israel, using first-class raw materials and assemblies and strict and precise production processes - a guarantee of quality and reliability for many years.

We at "Agrom" engrave on our banner, excellence, streamlining work, lowering costs and achieving accurate results, substantial savings in resources, energy, personnel and above all - safety.

​​Over the years we have gained a lot of experience and knowledge in the field of agromechanics, hydraulics, pneumatics, command and control and machine automation.


Innovation and out-of-the-box thinking together with many years of knowledge and experience lead to innovative developments that optimize work and improve the level of crop results while saving working hands, raising the level of safety, saving energy and low maintenance expenses. 

We at "Agrom" invest many resources in the planning and development of ideas and improvements, and are attentive to providing engineering solutions for new challenges in the field of mechanization. 

Among our customers you will find kibbutzim, collective plantations, private farmers, industrial plants and developers of ideas and patents.


Our machines are successfully sold around the world: the United States, South Africa, Egypt and Saudi Arabia.


At "Agrom" you will find an attentive ear for every idea and challenge!



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