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Spraying solutions and special spraying accessories

Unique and innovative solutions cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

We at Agrom Michon Haklai Ltd. are attentive and ready to assist in providing innovative, creative and effective solutions to farmers. 


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A system for spraying the palm stem to control and prevent the red palm weevil


Buy a swinging barrel for spraying

 "Swallow's Tail"

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in Israel

A system for spraying the palm stem to control and prevent the red palm weevil

Buy a swinging cane for spraying "swallow tail" - for spraying the foliage landscape of the date tree

Installation option with an existing machine


Cassotti products - unique spray accessories

official representatives

DUPIGET spraying system  

DUPIGET spray system

Suitable for spraying plantations, vineyards, orchards, greenhouses, mesh houses and more.

Spraying against diseases and pests  (low volume spraying)

Full and even coverage "without making a fuss".

Awakening spray (high volume spray) 

Uniform and precise spraying without the use of guns and expensive personnel.

Supplied with additional nozzles in four different sizes - to define the desired spray volume.

Easy direction and judgment for full adaptation to the type of growth.

Simple and easy installation on any sprayer.

No need for a large and expensive tractor - huge savings in energy and maintenance expenses.

Spray width up to 10 meters using only 2 nozzles.

Option to activate each side separately

Large drops - minimal drift.

Pole width - only 64 cm!

Without piston, hinges, springs and fragile parts.

Simple and easy installation on any sprayer. 

DISERBACCIA rod for spraying grass 

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